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A podcast created and hosted by Mel Maltby with lovely co-hosts Alex Mackintosh and Matt Thomas where different perspectives of all kinds of life topics are discussed and shared with you!


Tuesday Aug 04, 2020

Welcome to a conversation on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Mel Maltby and co-host Matt Thomas are joined with guest Brandon Atkins, host of Coast FM's 96.3's Friday night show, to answer a few questions any Potterhead has already pondered. The discussion includes answers from the hosts as well as participants in the recent surveys. Questions include, "What house would you be in?", "Which Deathly Hallow would you choose?", and "What is one controversial consequence magic from Harry Potter would have in the real world?"

Tuesday Jul 28, 2020

Mel Maltby and her brother Christian, who is taking over for Alex this week, share their thoughts on social media. The questions and answers are from the survey put out last month that the public responded to. Questions include discussions on the impact social media has on mental health, what the most used platform is and if the public have a secret account for stalking users on instagram as a guilty pleasure.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

Want some of life's biggest questions answered? You've come to the right place. Mel and Matt chat about what the meaning of life is, whether it's ever okay to break the law and the truth. They share their own thoughts on the matters as well as the responses collected in the survey.

Tuesday Jul 14, 2020

Podcast host Mel Maltby and blogger Alex Mackintosh (Tales of A Blonde) share your stories submitted in the survey as well as many of their own experiences when it comes to fate and coincidences, most importantly their story of how they met and how their lives have intertwined ever since.

Tuesday Jul 07, 2020

It's time to talk tech. Mel and Matt gather the thoughts and opinions of the masses on the topic of Futuristic Technology to share them with you. Want to know if the majority of people think AI is more dangerous or beneficial? This episode has everything you need to know and more.

Tuesday Jun 23, 2020

This is the podcast you are look for *hand movement*. Convinced? The force is with us. Mel and Matt chat Star Wars and yes that does mean 40 minutes of nerd talk. They asked YOU the questions and discuss the answers as well as their own. Want to know what the favourite Star Wars movie is among the public, what we would actually use the force for, and if the public is tempted by the Dark Side? Have a listen.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2020

As equality activists, Mel and Alex have no limits when it comes to discussing the amazingness of Women and 'Girl Power'. In this episode, they share their thoughts on different Girl Power icons, the definition of Feminism and empowering Women in every day life.

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

Ever wondered if you're going crazy by believing in theories that are neither confirmed nor denied? In this episode, Matt and Mel go through different Conspiracy Theories believed by the masses and share with you what they believe in, and what YOU believe in.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2020

The tea has been spilled... in this episode Mel and Alex don't hold back as the main topics of conversation are who should pay for the first date, best break up stories and coming out of a relationship stronger. The results include stories from the hosts as well as the survey responders.

Friday May 22, 2020

Ready for a full nerd out? Mel and Matt dive deep into the ways of The Marvel Cinematic Universe and asked you guys your opinions on different aspects of it. They share the most sought after Infinity Stone, discuss whether Thanos did the right thing by destroying half the universe and compare Avengers to find out who is favoured by most. DISCLAIMER: Major spoiler alerts.

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