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A podcast created and hosted by Mel Maltby with lovely co-hosts Alex Mackintosh and Matt Thomas where different perspectives of all kinds of life topics are discussed and shared with you!


Tuesday Dec 22, 2020

Mel Maltby and Matt Thomas have returned for another season of Survey Says. In their welcoming episode back they talk about different aspects of the modern phenomenon Gaming. They asked questions in a recent survey to the public about their favourite games to play, favourite console to play on and what games they played growing up. If you're interested in the publics perspective on Gaming and to learn more about what Matt and Mel play together on stay-in-date-nights, this is the episode to listen to.

Tuesday Sep 29, 2020

Mel Maltby and Matt Thomas chat all about The Environment and how you can help out. Matt is studying Environmental Science at Uni, so he's the best person to talk about this topic with. They cover topics such as recycling, how to help the environment and Global Warming/Climate Change (as well as a lot of side stories and information from Matt's big brain).

Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

In this episode, Mel Maltby and Alex Mackintosh chat about how Makeup came into their lives. The questions asked for this weeks episode were, 'How often do you wear makeup?' 'What staple makeup product could you NOT live without?' And, 'How old were you when you started wearing makeup?' The girls discuss their experiences then share your responses from the survey.

Wednesday Sep 16, 2020

With the recent obsession with Tik Tok brewing from COVID forcing us to stay inside our homes, many people started posting videos for the hell of it and gaining million of views and tens-of-thousands of followers from doing so. Ashe_Media (Liam) is one of the guys who has reached the status 'Tik Tok Famous'. He's been recognised on the streets from his 15 second videos reviewing cake mixes from Woolworths, and has had articles posted about said cake mix reviews. Matt and Mel had the pleasure of interview him for the post recent episode on Online Influencers, and asked him about his life since "blowing up" on Tik Tok, and what he thinks about the online community.

Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

2020 has brought us many things, the rise in online entertainment being one. With lockdown in place and not a lot to do, social media has become a primary source of communication and entertainment amongst... well, everyone. Over this year, general online attention has crossed to Tik Tok resulting in a bunch of accounts reaching 60K+ followers after posting a bunch of 15 second videos. A couple of the accounts reaching these numbers are WooliesGuy (now known as MattWynneThomas, yes the co-host) and Ashe_Media. In this episode, Mel and Matt interview the fresh-food-people jingle singer Ashe_Media about his experience becoming a Tik Tok 'famous' user and his views on online 'fame'. A long with chatting to Ashe_Media, hosts Mel and Matt talk about your responses to the survey posted asking, "Do online influencers actually influence you?, "Given the option, would you want to be an online influencer/internet famous?", and "What are your general thoughts about online influencers/internet fame?"

Tuesday Sep 08, 2020

Have you ever met bigger Taylor Swift fans than Mel and Alex? The answer is heellll nahhh! In this weeks episode of I'd Be The Man, Mel and Alex finally get to spend an hour talking about all things Taylor Swift. They asked you Swifties the hard questions and made you chose your favourite album (sorry), share your Taylor discovery stories and share your opinions on whether your prefer Country or Pop Taylor.

Wednesday Sep 02, 2020

Love Coffee? Us too. Mel Maltby and Matt Thomas talk everything coffee, because of course they would. They asked the questions, "How long have you been drinking coffee and why did you start?", "What is your preferred kind of coffee?" and "How often do you drink coffee?" The responses featured in this episode are from their newest survey as well as their own thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Tuesday Aug 25, 2020

Mel Maltby and Alex Mackintosh speak from experience when asked questions that make them decide between preferring the single life or the relationship life. The questions asked in the survey released for this episode were 'Would you rather be in single or in a relationship?', 'Tell us your best worst date story.' and 'Do you prefer a self-care night in or a date night out?' For each question there are also responses shared from survey responders. Also, there's a guest appearance of the other co-host, Matt Thomas.

Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

Let's get... as physical as we can get while talking about fitness? Mel Maltby and Matt Thomas asked questions about fitness and exercising that survey responders answered. The questions were, "Was improving your fitness a New Years resolution for 2020?”, “How important is a healthy diet compared to regular exercise?”, and “How do you prefer to exercise?” Have a listen as they share the fitness journeys of complete strangers as well as their own. Time to get motivated... or eat another slice of cake... porque no los dos?

Tuesday Aug 11, 2020

Host Mel Maltby takes on this topic alone and discusses the different perspectives and meanings of 'happiness' by survey responders. She dissects and shares answers to questions like "Do you think money can buy you happiness?", "What is your definition of happiness?" and "How happy are you right now?" Along with her view on the questions, she shares life stories and advice to a more positive life-style.

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